The Tecfidera Flush…

For those that have been newly prescribed Tecfidera or are considering it, check this out.  Some people post about the side effects and their reviews will scare you.  I’ll share my experiences.  The main thing is that they aren’t that bad at all…just a little weird, but not weirder than waking up and can’t stand up on your left foot because your MS is flaring up.  😉

So, I took my medicine 2.5 hours ago and the Tecfidera Flush has begun…it’s 12:50 pm.  I’m not quite feeling like Pinhead from Hellraiser yet, but the rush is strong.  I can feel it going down to my elbows…Phew!  And…let me add that I did take it with food.  I had a Chai Latte and a veggie quiche from Joe’s East Atlanta.  It was THE BOMB!!

I’m going to try to track it’s progress…


It’s 1:27 pm…the feeling is still in scalp, face, shoulders, elbows, and now it’s in my upper back and I’m HOT as all hell!  And my neck is itching…I have that junky itch thing going on like Tyrone Biggums.  lol  I am officially in Pinhead mode, by the way.

I feel super weird, but not bad.  That’s what I want folks to understand…it is not that bad.  It’s weird and slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not bad.  Especially not as bad as having my MS progress faster than it would without treatment.  I’m just saying..

It’s 1:36 pm…everything else still feels the same and my palms are a little cool and my neck is tingly, but not the MS kind of tingly.  This tingly is different.  It’s more of my skin tingling.  I have no idea if that even makes sense to anyone else.  lol


9 thoughts on “The Tecfidera Flush…”

      1. It looks really cool. I love coffee houses! I’m from northern Georgia so I don’t get down there often except to go to my appointments but I do have a work thing coming up down there. I will have to check it out in summer. Is it one of those hipsters places or a family like place? God knows my toddler and the 16 month old would tear the hipster place down and get me sued. haha

      2. It’s very hipster, eclectic and family. My sons love it and people take their children, including the toddlers, all the time. I have a few pictures from there on my Instagram @kanbawesome.

      1. There are side effects, but they aren’t nearly as bad as what you read online. The only thing is that they’re expensive. With my insurance, they’re $90 for a 30 day supply, but I think it’s worth it.

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